Increasing Hgh In Children

Increasing Hgh In Children

In children, HGH deficiency is associated to stunted growth, as a result of skeletal development. HGH deficiency is a disorder of the hypothalamus, pituitary, or growth hormone secretion and metabolism, which results to short stature of children. HGH deficiency may happen anytime during infancy or childhood, with the slowing of growth as the most obvious sign.

There are actually steps you need to consider in order to increase HGH in children.  You have to seek the help of your pediatrician to know the causes before using HGH therapy in your child.  This helps you gain a better understanding of the real situation as HGH may not be the exact problem.

Doctor Measuring Height of a BoySeek the help of your pediatrician

As a parent you are always concerned about everything for your child from his health to his growth. You should find it necessary to call your pediatrician for proper diagnosis of your child’s growth problem.  It would be best if you will provide your pediatrician the growth pattern of your child as it is relevant to see the real cause of the HGH deficiency.  It is also important that you should not jump up to conclusions regarding your child’s growth.  There might be other causes than HGH deficiency for your child’s abnormal growth, and these causes may not be treatable some times though at some instances, it could yield good results.

Knowing the causes of HGH deficiency in children

The most common cause of a child’s delayed growth may be because the parents are both short.  Children are prone to inherit some if not all of both parents’ physical traits.  In some cases, children may gradually grow at first but they grow rapidly during puberty thus reaching their normal height.  Another is growth failure which indicates a problem in the child’s functioning also known as physiology.  The last possible cause happens when children do not manifest any symptoms. Although tests are conducted, it is rare for the result to show some disturbing signs.

Use of therapy for HGH in children

There are a lot of treatments available for normal but short children.  Recognition and treatment of the underlying condition is the most effective means to restore growth in children.  The use of HGH therapy in children improves their height velocity on the initial stage of the therapy as it accelerates their bone maturation.  This bone maturation may have an effect on the height improvements of some children and it may cause an adverse effect on their final height.

Treatments for children with HGH deficiency are not as readily available because of its expensive costs.  HGH injection may cost $1000 per week and the treatment is administered at least three to seven times a week depending upon the need of the child.   In order for the treatment to be effective, the child must continue to receive injections until the end of puberty.

Parents should take note that HGH treatment is not the mere answer to the problem.  It may be some other factors which caused the non-continuous growth of the child.  Increasing HGH should always be considered if the pediatrician finds out that there is really something wrong.

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